I have to admit, the new Knocked Speechless shirt design was done purely for fun on my part. I did the sketch for this design a few years ago and recently came across it while perusing my books. Something about this sketch really enveloped me, so I decided to flesh it out into a functioning shirt design. In fact, I like it so much that I happen to be wearing it this very second.

This is my first shirt to be printed using water-based inks, and I’m excited to be hopefully moving in this direction for more of my designs. Not only are water-based inks better for the environment than the standard plastisol inks used in screen printing, but they feel so much lighter and breathe more.

I thought I would share the initial sketch from this design as well as a detail shot and the final product. Also did a time lapse video of the digital inking process from start to finish, that’s included below as well.

These are available now in the Seventh.Ink Store, and I’ve even got a few 3XL sizes in stock to boot!

Enjoy, and be sure to follow Seventh.Ink on Tumblr and Facebook for more frequent updates on sketches and designs.

  • Nocpo